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2014 年第一届常会

2014年1月27日 - 2014年1月31日, 紐約
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Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and workplan

Note by the Secretariat   |   DP/2014/L.1

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Report of the Administrator on the implementation of the UNDP gender equality strategy in 2013

Report   |   DP/2014/3

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Regional programme document for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, 2014-2017

General Document   |   DP/RPD/REC/3

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Regional programme document for Latin America and the Caribbean, 2014-2017

General Document   |   DP/RPD/RLA/2

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Strategic framework of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, 2014-2017

General Document   |   DP/CF/SSC/5

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Response to the Executive Board on decision 2013/28 on additional resources for security measures

General Document   |   DP/2014/6

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Modifications to the procedures for consideration and approval of country programme documentation

普通文件   |   DP/2014/8

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Monday, 27 January, Informal consultation on the status of the UNDP results frameworks and the UNDP country office support initiative


Wednesday, 29 January, Informal consultation on the UNV strategic framework, 2014-2017.


Regional programme document for Asia and the Pacific, 2014-2017

普通文件   |   DP/RPD/RAP/2/Rev.1




Report of UNOPS on the status of implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for 2012

Report   |   DP/OPS/2014/1

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