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2013年4月22日 - 2013年4月26日, 紐約
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[Opening Session]   Opening Session

[1]   Election of officers.

[2]   Adoption of the agenda and other organizational matters.

[3]   Actions in follow-up to the recommendations of the International Conference on Population and Development.

[4]   General debate on national experience in population matters: New trends in migration: Demographic aspects.

[5]   General debate on the contribution of population and development issues to the theme of the annual ministerial review in 2013.

[6]   Programme implementation and future programme of work of the Secretariat in the field of population.

[7]   Provisional agenda for the forty-seventh session of the Commission.

[8]   Adoption of the report of the Commission on its forty-sixth session.

[Closure of the session]   Closure of the session