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Groupe d'experts des Nations Unies pour les noms géographiques
Vingt-huitième session

28 avril 2014 - 2 mai 2014, New York
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Documents officiels


Contact Information on National Geographical Names Authorities*

Note d’information   |   GEGN/28/7



Résolution   |   GEGN/28/8


Organization of work for the 28th session of the UNGEGN *

Organisation des travaux   |   GEGN/28/12

Working Papers


Report of the Norden Division (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)

Document de travail   |   W.P.24/4


Report of the East Central and South-East Europe Division (ECSEED)

Document de travail   |   W.P.62/4


Report of the Liaison Officer, International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS)

Document de travail   |   W.P.6/5


Report on the toponymical activities of the International Cartographic Association 2012-2014

Document de travail   |   W.P.34/5


Normalisation des toponymes au Burkina Faso : Amorce d’une dynamique à promouvoir en Afrique de l’Ouest

Document de travail   |   W.P.30/7


UNGEGN and UNCSGN documents: availability on the UNGEGN website

Document de travail   |   W.P.31/7


Plaidoyer Pour Une Creation D’une Nouvelle Division Geographico-Linguistique Pour L’afrique Du Nord

Document de travail   |   W.P.42/7


Lack of implementation of the Place Name Act and of the Sámi Language Act in relation to Sami place names on road signs

Document de travail   |   W.P.46/7


Evaluation of the Tenth UNCSGN: A Review of the Questionnaire Survey Results

Document de travail   |   W.P.47/7


Institutional Frameworks for Managing Geographical Names in the Republic of Korea

Document de travail   |   W.P.50/7


Report of the Working Group on Evaluation and Implementation

Document de travail   |   W.P.52/7


Achievements and prospects towards the standardization of geographical names in Tunisia

Document de travail   |   W.P.71/7


Report UNGEGN Working Group on Training Courses in Toponymy 2012-2014

Document de travail   |   W.P.33/8


Cours de formation organisé conjointement par le Centre de Recherche en Anthropologie Sociale et Culturelle / Algérie, (CRASC) et le Groupe de travail sur les cours de formation en toponymy / GENUNG

Document de travail   |   W.P.40/8


Outreach Activities for Promoting Use of Marine Geographical Names

Document de travail   |   W.P.53/8


Report of the Liaison officer with the Pan American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH)

Document de travail   |   W.P.67/8


Utilization and Provision of geographical Name Information on the Basic Map of Japan

Document de travail   |   W.P.1/9


Situation and Progress in the Standardization of Geographical Names in Spain

Document de travail   |   W.P.2/9


Iranian National geographical names Database (Completing data and upgrading the web browser)

Document de travail   |   W.P.5/9


Place-names changes in connection with administrative reforms in the Austrian province of Styria

Document de travail   |   W.P.12/9


Research results from the onomastic project “WippDigital − GIS-supported field name research in the Wipptal-area

Document de travail   |   W.P.15/9


Crowdsourcing and GIS-based Methods in a Field Name survey in Tyrol (Austria)

Document de travail   |   W.P.16/9


Report of the Working Group on Toponymic Data Files and Gazetteers 2012-2014

Document de travail   |   W.P.19/9


Discussion Forum of the Working Group on Toponymic Data Files and Gazetteers – a status report

Document de travail   |   W.P.20/9


Status Report on the EuroGeoNames (EGN) Project –Implementing a sustainable services infrastructure within the European Location Framework (E.L.F.)

Document de travail   |   W.P.22/9


Les bases de données des noms géographiques au service de la toponymie et le patrimoine immatériel national

Document de travail   |   W.P.45/9


A New Geographical Name Sejong for the Multifunctional Administrative City in the Republic of Korea

Document de travail   |   W.P.49/9


Collection of Marine Geographical Names in the Republic of Korea

Document de travail   |   W.P.54/9


Detailed Terminographic Analysis of Glossary of Terminology Used in the Standardization of Geographical Names

Document de travail   |   W.P.38/10


Romanization of Iranian geographical names (Implementation in the national and international level)

Document de travail   |   W.P.4/11


The Quest for Definitions , Proceedings of the 14th UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms Meeting, Corfu, 23-25 May 2013

Document de travail   |   W.P.11/14


The Current Research Situation of Variant Pronunciations of Chinese Geographical Names

Document de travail   |   W.P.10/15


Digitalization of the Franciscan Cadastral Survey (1817-1861) in Austria

Document de travail   |   W.P.17/16


Map of North Frisia, Germany, Nordfriislon – Nordfrisland - Nordfriesland

Document de travail   |   W.P.57/16


The conflict of official and private spelling of place names

Document de travail   |   W.P.68/16


Toponymic guidelines for map and other editors, for international use – Report of the Coordinator

Document de travail   |   W.P.14/17


Updated the General Procedure for Publication and Circulation With Maps and Other Publications References A Place Names In The Territory Of Chile

Document de travail   |   W.P.79/9


Updating Of Toponymic Guidelines For Map Editors And Other Editors

Document de travail   |   W.P.23/17


Updating Of Toponymic Guidelines For Map Editors And Other Editors

Document de travail   |   W.P.28/17


The Standardization of Geographical Names in Brazil: Some Challenges and Accomplishments

  |   W.P.39/18


The Standardization of Geographical Names in Brazil: Some Challenges and Accomplishments

Document de travail   |   W.P.39/18

Autres documents


UNGEGN Opening Remarks, Stefan Schweinfest, Acting Director, United Nations Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Special Presentations


Geospatial Information for United Nations Operations, by Kyoung-Soo Eom, United Nations, Cartographic Section



Renewing the system for collecting and storing place names in Norway, by Kjetil Ringen – Norway Mapping Authority Overview of the Division Reports



Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Information, by Amor Laaribi, United Nations Statistics Division



Geographical Names its Relevance and place in Within the UN-GGIM Framework, by Greg Scott, United Nations, Statistics Division



The Power of Location: Trends in Geographic Information Systems, by Carmelle J. Terborgh, The Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri)