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Program of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons
BMS5: Fifth Biennial Meeting of States to Consider the Implementation of the Programme of Action on small arms

Monday, 16 June, 2014 - Friday, 20 June, 2014, New York
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[1]   Opening of the meeting by the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs.

[2]   Election of the Chair.

[3]   Statement of the Chair.

[4]   Adoption of the agenda and other organizational matters

[5]   Election of other officers of the meeting

[6]   Stockpile management, including physical security measures of small arms and light weapons

[7]   Consideration of the implementation of the International Instrument to Enable States to Identify and Trace, in a Timely and Reliable Manner, Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons.

[8]   International cooperation and assistance for full and effective implementation of the Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument, including:

[8] [a]   Capacity building, including training;

[8] [b]   Transfer of technology and equipment

[9]   Other issues and topics of relevance to the implementation of the Programme of Action.

[10]   Consideration of the draft final document.

[11]   Consideration and adoption of the report of the meeting