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Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Second session

Monday, 22 April, 2013 - Friday, 03 May, 2013, Geneva
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[1]   Opening of the session.

[2]   Election of the Chair.

[3]   Adoption of the agenda.

[4]   General debate on issues related to all aspects of the work of the Preparatory Committee.

[5]   Statements by non-governmental organizations.

[6]   Preparatory work for the review of the operation of the Treaty...

[6] [Cluster 1]  

[6] [Cluster 2]  

[6] [Cluster 3]  

[7]   Organization of work of the Preparatory Committee:

[7a]   Election of officers;

[7b]   Dates and venues for further sessions;

[7c]   Methods of work:

[7] [c (i)]   Decision-making;

[7] [c (ii)]   Participation;

[7] [c (iii)]   Working languages;

[7] [c (iv)]   Records and documents.

[8]   Report on the results of the session to the next session of the Preparatory Committee.

[9]   Organization of the 2015 Review Conference:

[9a]   Dates and venue;

[9b]   Draft rules of procedure;

[9c]   Election of the President and other officers;

[9d]   Appointment of the Secretary-General;

[9e]   Provisional agenda;

[9f]   Financing of the Review Conference, including its Preparatory Committee;

[9g]   Background documentation;

[9h]   Final document(s).

[10]   Adoption of the final report and recommendations of the Preparatory Committee to the Review Conference.

[11]   Any other matters.