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Sixth Committee
Sixty-Ninth Session

Monday, 01 September, 2014 - Monday, 15 June, 2015, New York
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[5]   Election of the officers Main Committees

[75]   Criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on mission

[76]   Report of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law on the work of its forty-seventh session

[77]   United Nations Programme of Assistance in the Teaching, Study, Dissemination and Wider Appreciation of International Law

[78]   Report of the International Law Commission on the work of its sixty-sixth session

[79]   Status of the Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and relating to the protection of victims of armed conflicts

[80]   Consideration of effective measures to enhance the protection, security and safety of diplomatic and consular missions and representatives

[81]   Report of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization

[82]   The rule of law at the national and international levels

[83]   The scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction

[84]   Effects of armed conflicts on treaties

[85]   Responsibility of international organizations

[107]   Measures to eliminate international terrorism

[118]   Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly

[133]   Programme planning

[144]   Administration of justice at the United Nations

[168]   Report of the Committee on Relations with the Host Country

[169]   Observer status for the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking States in the General Assembly

[170]   Observer status for the International Chamber of Commerce in the General Assembly

[171]   Observer status for the Developing Eight Countries Organization for Economic Cooperation in the General Assembly

[172]   Observer status for the Pacific Community in the General Assembly