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منظمة الأمم المتحدة للطفولة اﻟﻤﺠلس التنفيذي
الدورة العادية الثانية لعام ٢٠١٢

الثلاثاء, ١١ سبتمبر, ٢٠١٢ - الجمعة, ١٤ سبتمبر, ٢٠١٢, نيويورك
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[1]   Opening of the session: statements by the President of the Executive Board and the Executive Director

[2]   Adoption of the provisional annotated agenda, timetable and organization of work

[Special]   European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO) and UNICEF Partnership

[3]   Proposed programme of work for Executive Board sessions in 2013

[4]   Report on the implementation of the strategic framework for partnerships and collaborative relationships

[5]   Report on the implementation of the “modified system for allocation of regular resources for programmes" approved by the Executive Board in 1997

[6]   Programme cooperation

[6] [a]   Approval of revised country programme documents

[6] [b]   Draft country programme and common country programme documents

[6] [c]   Regional summaries of midterm reviews of country programmes

[6] [b]   Middle East and North Africa

[6] [(b)(c)]   West and Central Africa

[6] [(b)(c)]   Americas and the Caribbean

[6] [(b)(c)]   South Asia

[6] [c]   East Asia and the Pacific region

[6] [d]   Extensions of ongoing country programmes

[7]   Medium-term strategic plan: planned financial estimates for the period 2012-2015

[8]   Private fundraising: financial report and statements for the year ended 31 December 2011

[9]   Steps taken and progress achieved towards an integrated budget: joint report of UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF

[10]   Other matters

[11]   Adoption of draft decisions

[12]   Closing statements by the Executive Director and the President of the Executive Board

[Special (Informal briefing)]   Informal briefing on the Roadmap to the Medium-term Strategic Plan 2014-2017

[Special (Progress in reducing under nutrition)]   Progress in reducing under nutrition – update on the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement and the role of UNICEF

[Special (Thematic discussion)]   Thematic discussion on the work of UNICEF in humanitarian situations