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About PaperSmart

In response to the General Assembly’s resolution A/RES/55/285, the PaperSmart
Model was developed to promote the use of electronic media and provide
participants with electronic access to meeting programmes, agendas, documents
and statements.

[Download the PaperSmart for Participants guide (pdf format)].

PaperSmart on devices

The PaperSmart Model

The PaperSmart Model is based on the following four (4) pillars:

PaperSmart Portal
Available in all six (6) official languages, the portal provides secure web-based
access to documents, statements and meeting-related information. View
documents or statements online and submit statements for meetings.

Provides participants with the ability to request hard copies of documents on

Enables convenient access to meeting-related information, documents and
statements on smartphones and tablets.

Where available, documents are distributed on fl ash drives for convenient
offline access.

The integrated solution accords due consideration to the digital, income and generation gaps that may limit the use of new technologies by participants and facilitates access to information for persons with disabilities.

Download the PaperSmart for Participants guide (pdf format)


Benefits of using PaperSmart

• Full multilingual delivery
• Global availability of statements of participants in real time
• Direct fi nancial savings for permanent missions and Secretariat clients
• Reduction of waste through the use of print-on-demand services.

• Facilitates engagement in meetings from capitals
• One tool for all meetings
• Prepares the United Nations to respond to global digital trends.

• Accessibility of meeting-related information through AA level WCAG 2.0 compliant portal
• Screen-reader accessible documents marked with Accessibility logo
• Assistive tools and technology available to participants in meetings at UNHQ
• Braille prints available at meetings serviced by the PaperSmart model
• Sign Language Interpretation and CART (Real-time Captioning) available at meetings, where possible.

Knowledge Management
• Facilitates easy review of agenda items, related documents and other information
• Global 24/7 access to meeting-related information.

[Download the PaperSmart for Participants guide (pdf format)]