Utilization and Provision of geographical Name Information on the Basic Map of Japan

工作文件   |   W.P.1/9


Situation and Progress in the Standardization of Geographical Names in Spain

工作文件   |   W.P.2/9


Iranian National geographical names Database (Completing data and upgrading the web browser)

工作文件   |   W.P.5/9


Egypt’s Geographical names database and gazetteer project(AR)

工作文件   |   W.P.7/9


Place-names changes in connection with administrative reforms in the Austrian province of Styria

工作文件   |   W.P.12/9


Research results from the onomastic project “WippDigital − GIS-supported field name research in the Wipptal-area

工作文件   |   W.P.15/9


Crowdsourcing and GIS-based Methods in a Field Name survey in Tyrol (Austria)

工作文件   |   W.P.16/9


Report of the Working Group on Toponymic Data Files and Gazetteers 2012-2014

工作文件   |   W.P.19/9


Discussion Forum of the Working Group on Toponymic Data Files and Gazetteers – a status report

工作文件   |   W.P.20/9


Open Data activities in Germany

工作文件   |   W.P.21/9


Status Report on the EuroGeoNames (EGN) Project –Implementing a sustainable services infrastructure within the European Location Framework (E.L.F.)

工作文件   |   W.P.22/9


The databases of the geographical names in the service of the toponymy and the national immaterial patrimony

工作文件   |   W.P.45/9


Toponymic Databases in the Republic of Korea

工作文件   |   W.P.48/9


A New Geographical Name Sejong for the Multifunctional Administrative City in the Republic of Korea

工作文件   |   W.P.49/9


Collection of Marine Geographical Names in the Republic of Korea

工作文件   |   W.P.54/9


UNGEGN World Geographical Names Database

工作文件   |   W.P.56/9


Polish list of official names of localities and their parts

工作文件   |   W.P.73/9


Updated the General Procedure for Publication and Circulation With Maps and Other Publications References A Place Names In The Territory Of Chile

工作文件   |   W.P.79/9