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Seventy-Fourth Session of the United Nations General Assembly
Plenary Meetings

17 сентября 2019 г. - 15 сентября 2020 г., Нью-Йорк
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[1]   Opening of the session by the President of the General Assembly

[2]   Minute of silent prayer or meditation

[4]   Election of the President of the General Assembly

[5]   Election of the officers of the Main Committees

[6]   Election of the Vice-Presidents of the General Assembly

[7]   Organization of work, adoption of the agenda and allocation of items: reports of the General Committee

[8]   General debate

[9]   Report of the Economic and Social Council

[10]   Implementation of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS and the political declarations on HIV/AIDS

[11]   Sport for development and peace: building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal

[12]   Improving global road safety

[13]   2001–2010: Decade to Roll Back Malaria in Developing Countries, Particularly in Africa

[14]   Integrated and coordinated implementation of and follow-up to the outcomes of the major United Nations conferences and summits in the economic, social and related fields

[15]   Culture of peace

[16]   Information and communications technologies for sustainable development

[18]   Follow-up to and implementation of the outcomes of the International Conferences on Financing for Development

[24]   Agriculture development, food security and nutrition.

[27]   Report of the Security Council.

[28]   Report of the Peacebuilding Commission.

[29]   Support by the United Nations system of the efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate new or restored democracies.

[30]   The role of diamonds in fuelling conflict.

[32]   Protracted conflicts in the GUAM area and their implications for international peace, security and development.

[33]   Zone of peace and cooperation of the South Atlantic.

[34]   The situation in the Middle East.

[35]   Question of Palestine.

[36]   The situation in Afghanistan.

[37]   The situation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

[38]   Question of the Comorian island of Mayotte.

[39]   Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.

[40]   The situation in Central America: progress in fashioning a region of peace, freedom, democracy and development

[41]   Question of Cyprus

[42]   Armed aggression against the Democratic Republic of the Congo

[43]   Question of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas).

[44]   The situation of democracy and human rights in Haiti

[45]   Armed Israeli aggression against the Iraqi nuclear installations and its grave consequences for the established international system concerning the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and international peace and security

[46]   Consequences of the Iraqi occupation of and aggression against Kuwait

[47]   Assistance in mine action

[48]   Effects of atomic radiation

[50]   United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

[51]   Report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories.

[52]   Comprehensive review of the whole question of peacekeeping operations in all their aspects.

[53]   Comprehensive review of special political missions

[54]   Questions relating to information.

[55]   Information from Non-Self-Governing Territories transmitted under Article 73 e of the Charter of the United Nations.

[56]   Economic and other activities which affect the interests of the peoples of the Non-Self-Governing Territories.

[57]   Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples by the specialized agencies and the international institutions associated with the United Nations

[58]   Offers by Member States of study and training facilities for inhabitants of Non-Self-Governing Territories.

[59]   Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.

[60]   Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources.

[61]   Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, questions relating to refugees, returnees and displaced persons and humanitarian questions.

[62]   Peacebuilding and sustaining peace.

[63]   The situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukra ine.

[65]   Report of the Human Rights Council

[69]   Right of peoples to self-determination.

[72]   Report of the International Court of Justice.

[73]   Report of the International Criminal Court.

[75]   Responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts.

[76]   Criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on mission.

[77]   Report of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law on the work of its fifty-second session.

[78]   United Nations Programme of Assistance in the Teaching, Study, Dissemination and Wider Appreciation of International Law.

[79]   Report of the International Law Commission on the work of its seventy-first session

[80]   Diplomatic protection.

[81]   Consideration of prevention of transboundary harm from hazardous activities and allocation of loss in the case of such harm.

[82]   Report of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization

[83]   The rule of law at the national and international levels

[84]   The scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction

[85]   The law of transboundary aquifers.

[86]   Request for an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of the separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965.

[87]   Request for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the consequences of legal obligations of States under different sources of international law with respect to immunities of Heads of State and Government and other senior officials.

[88]   Report of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

[90]   Implementation of the Declaration of the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace.

[91]   African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty.

[92]   Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (Treaty of Tlatelolco).

[93]   Developments in the field of information and telecommunications in the context of international security.

[94]   Establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the region of the Middle East.

[95]   Conclusion of effective international arrangements to assure non-nuclearweapon States against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons.

[97]   Role of science and technology in the context of international security and disarmament.

[101]   The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

[102]   Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects.

[103]   Strengthening of security and cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

[104]   Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

[105]   Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction.

[106]   Crime prevention and criminal justice.

[107]   Countering the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes.

[108]   International drug control.

[109]   Measures to eliminate international terrorism.

[110]   Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization

[111]   Report of the Secretary-General on the Peacebuilding Fund.

[112]   Notification by the Secretary-General under Article 12, paragraph 2, of the Charter of the United Nations.

[116]   Admission of new Members to the United Nations

[117]   Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit.

[118]   The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

[119]   Commemoration of the abolition of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade.

[120]   Implementation of the resolutions of the United Nations.

[121]   Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly.

[122]   Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and other matters related to the Security Council.

[123]   Strengthening of the United Nations system

[124]   United Nations reform: measures and proposals: joint debate

[125]   Interaction between the United Nations, national parliaments and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

[127]   International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals.

[128]   Investigation into the conditions and circumstances resulting in the tragic death of Dag Hammarskjöld and of the members of the party accompanying him.

[129]   Sexual exploitation and abuse: implementing a zero-tolerance policy

[130]   The responsibility to protect and the prevention of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

[131]   Seventy-fifth anniversary of the end of the Second World War

[133]   Review of the efficiency of the administrative and financial functioning of the United Nations.

[134]   Programme budget for the biennium 2018–2019.

[135]   Proposed programme budget for 2020

[136]   Programme planning.

[137]   Improving the financial situation of the United Nations.

[138]   Pattern of conferences.

[139]   Scale of assessments for the apportionment of the expenses of the United Nations